12 Cancer-causing Foods That You Must Avoid

Cancer is steadily becoming one of the most prevalent issues the world has to tackle. With several societies and movements spreading awareness about it, it is a hot topic all over. The main reason why it is as such is because of its fatality should it be discovered in its later stages; ones where chemotherapy or surgery would not do the trick.

Cancer’s cause is a genetic disorder that leads to uncontrollable cell growth, with the older cells not dying. This leads to the growth of tumors that are dangerous for the human body. Cancer’s lethality makes it a very terrifying illness.

There are substances that trigger cancer that you may find in some common foods. To avoid this fatal and excruciating disease, here are 11 carcinogenic foods that you ought to avoid altogether.

Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A is found everywhere around us. It is a chemical used to synthesize plastic and resin, and can be in several tools we use in our day to day life. This also transcends to nutrition, as several factories use it, and it is easily ingested by our systems.

According to several studies, BPA, which is an estrogen-mimetic, is shown to have a direct connection with several diseases such as the reproductive system’s disorders, diabetes and, most notably, breast and prostate cancer. As such, it would be advised to read the labels of everything you use so as to avoid exposure to this toxic substance.

Not only does Bisphenol A cause the previously mentioned diseases, it is also directly linked to obesity, ADHA, hormonal disorders and hyperactivity, which makes it quite the terrifying substance.

Farmed Fish

Despite its lower price, farmed fish is incredibly dangerous to one’s health. It has been noted that it is rich in carcinogenic substances, not to mention at least 15 times more the amount of polychlorinated biphenyls than its wild counterpart, the latter substance being one of the many factors that contribute to the development of cancer. This is without mentioning the pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals present in farmed fish.

Processed food

Despite looking fresh and appealing, processed foods are quite dangerous to our health. That is because of several chemicals induced in them to maintain their pristine appearance. These preservation chemicals are incredibly carcinogenic. As a matter of fact, these substances are so dangerous that the WHO red-listed hot dogs, sausages, bacon and ham due to how filled they are with these chemicals.

The statistics are not reassuring either. The daily consumption of processed foods at small quantities -50 g- elevates the chance of suffering from cancer to more than 15%, which, while low, is not a risk one would take.

Refined White Flour

White flour is rich in processed carbs, which are directly linked to breast cancer. Regular consumption of white flour elevates the levels of alloxan in the body. The latter is the chemical substance that gives bread its soft texture and freshness. Alloxan is an alien substance to the body, and it is lethal to the pancreas’s beta cells. This can lead to breast cancer or, equally as bad, diabetes.

It would be wise to check the labels of flour-based foods you buy so as to avoid consuming white flour, for alloxan, despite being toxic, is still legal to use and is used by several factories.


Sugar, especially white sugar, is incredibly dangerous once ingested. Refined sugar is directly linked to the activation of insulin pathways and accelerating IGF-1’s growth, the latter, in turn, being one of the factors that contribute to cancer.

It would be advisable to avoid white sugar intake in anyway. That would ensure that you will be safe from cancer.

Dairy Products

Despite being very healthy, dairy products’ consumption has to be moderate. That would be because several studies have shown that ingestion of up to 3 dairy products a day elevates the risk of prostate cancer in the male population. That would be because dairy products induce the increase of IGF-1 in the body, which is a growth factor that, once tampered with, leads to overgrowth, thus the manifestation of cancer.

Consumption of dairy products must be moderated, and said products must be organic so as to avoid any dangers.

Fried Foods

Several studies have shown that heavy consumption of fried foods leads to cancer in a majority of the cases studied. That would be due to their richness in degradation fats and acrylamide, which is notorious for its direct link to cancer.


Despite being very handy and easy to make, microwaved popcorn is quite dangerous for the human body and promotes cancer. This is directly linked to the fact that microwave popcorn has these bags in it that are filled with PFOA, which is a potent carcinogenic that targets the liver and pancreas.


This is not to say that getting a drink once every blue moon will give you cancer. However, this is to say that regular, heavy consumption –more than 2 drinks- of alcohol will most likely cause cancer to plague your body.

A study has shown that people who ingest 50 g of alcohol a day are thrice more susceptible to get mesothelioma cancer than their moderate counterparts. As such, it is advised and heavily emphasized to drink moderately and safely.

Soft Drinks

Aside of being filled to the brim with sugar, which we have discussed earlier on, soft drinks also contain several substances, including preservers, that are heavily carcinogenic. This includes diet soft drinks so it would be advisable to avoid soft drinks altogether.

Canned Tomatoes

For being so practical and easy to use and make, canned tomatoes are very dangerous for us. A 2008 study has shown that all canned products include Bisphenol A, which is a potent chemical that is notorious for its carcinogenic properties. This includes canned tomatoes, as well.

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