High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes

8 Delicious High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes

High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes

Many people who follow a vegetarian or vegetarian diet are concerned about eating enough protein. The truth is that in a balanced plant-based diet, access to your daily share of protein is not difficult at all. For those who eat eggs and dairy products, that is not a problem.

Once tofu, quinoa, barley, nuts, Kamut, or beans, among other ingredients, are incorporated into your vegan or vegetarian recipes, will have the dish high-protein vegetarian recipe and form a whole meal.

Legumes, nuts, cereals, root vegetables, and, yes, fruits and vegetables contain protein in varying amounts, so if you organise your meals and know their nutritional content, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Our combination of recipes ranges from breakfast to dinner, with cooking times and protein content listed so you can browse them according to your needs.

1. Maple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

This comforting hot cereal is flavoured with maple and cinnamon and sprinkled with raisins, which can remind you or your kids of your favorite instant oatmeal. Made with quinoa instead of oats, this breakfast contains about 30% more protein than traditional oatmeal, with 7 grams per serving. so it’s a high-protein vegetarian recipe With distinction.

Add berries or dried fruits such as apricots or dates. For this breakfast to be ready, you need a total of 25 minutes, less if you use leftover quinoa or instant quinoa.

2. Vegan Tofu Scramble With Spinach

This breakfast dish, similar to the spinach omelette, has a little umami flavor, giving it an unexpected but delicious look. Fry tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms and spinach until cooked, add tofu, then sprinkle everything with a little soy sauce and lemon juice. With high-protein of 36 grams per serving, this is more than you need to start your day with increased energy.

3. Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole

Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t remake a dish with sausage flavors. Using a vegetarian sausage alternative, you make a traditional sausage flavor dish and add high-protein of 18 grams to your morning.

Plan to prepare the pan the night before so that the sausage, egg substitute, soy milk, sautéed onion and soy cheese can rest and blend together. You need 2 hours to prepare and 1 hour in the oven

4. Vegan Apple Pancakes

This delicious breakfast contains 8 grams of protein per serving, but if you want more, eat a cup of homemade almond milk for an extra high-protein of 5 grams.

5. Vegetarian Protein Shake

This no-protein-powder smoothie provides 26 grams of protein per serving. The best part? You only need 5 minutes to prepare it.

Mix white beans, soy yogurt, strawberries, pineapple juice, honey, ginger and nutmeg. The beans are light and the fruit is so sweet that you won’t notice the grains while adding thickness to the juice and a beautiful silky touch. Add a frozen banana for more cream, or 3 ounces of silk tofu to increase protein content with an additional 7 grams.

6. Vegan White Bean Salad

This High-Protein Vegetarian Recipe, colorful and fresh, this bean and vegetable salad contains the flavors of garlic, onions, parsley, lemon juice and red wine vinegar, making it ideal for summer cooking. Serve with 100 grams quinoa (4 g) or brown rice (2.6 g) for additional nutrition.

This high-protein vegetarian recipe takes 10 minutes to make and has 33 grams of protein per serving.

7. Vegetarian Tabbouleh Salad With Edamame

Fresh herbs and pesto sauce make this dish colorful, full of crunchy textures and great flavors. This salad is rich in protein thanks to Bulgarian wheat, feta cheese, edamame and chickpeas.

Make it vegetarian by skipping cheese or adding fried tofu for an extra 14 grams of protein per serving of salad. It takes 35 minutes for this healthy dish. Each serving of salad contains 23 grams of protein.

8. Quinoa Salad With Pecans and Fresh Mint

This vegetarian recipe is rich in protein, Thin quinoa and crispy walnuts – two great sources of high-protein – work well together to create a complementary texture in this vibrant salad. Packaged cooking grains and storing them in the fridge are a great way to get ready-to-use ingredients that will save your time and also help you make healthy choices.

For this salad, use pre-cooked quinoa and mix with pecans, mint, parsley, spring onions and a quick dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. This high-protein vegetarian recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare and 6 grams of protein per serving. Discover more recipes with vegetarian recipe ideas.

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